Home Repair and Improvement Franchises

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If you like to fix things around the house, or would just like to own a business that profits from doing so, a home repair and improvement franchise could be just right for you. take a look at these numbers from 2012:

Number of houses in United States: 131,800,000

Number of houses in United States occupied year-round: 112,000,000

Houses 40 years old or older: 65,000,000 +/-

Owner occupied: 77,000,000

Occupied by renters: 35,000,000

Now that's A LOT of potential! Even just focusing on the houses built before 1973; that's sixty five million houses - many with 40 year old roofs, plumbing, electrical, cabinets, etc. Of course, even houses built as little as seven years ago typically need some handyman type work done. Whether it's re-taping sheet rock, swapping out a garbage disposal or some touch-up painting - there are dozens of potential projects lurking in just about every house out there.

So why would a homeowner hire your handyman franchise company instead of doing the work themselves? many lack the skills, necessary tools or even just the time. For landlords it's even simpler. They often keep a home repair and improvement company on speed-dial, if not on retainer to take care of renter's issues quickly and without them having to get involved personally.

So, now that you know a home maintenance and repair franchise business might be right for you, how can you get started? That's the easy part. FranInfo.com offers free expert franchise consulting services and can have a consultant contact you within a day or so. All you need to do is fill out the quick little form on this page and we can help.

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