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Act now to own a home inspection franchise, a segment of the $359+ Billion dollar first-quarter growth of revenue in the service industry!

If you are thinking about investing in a home inspection franchise company, know that the specialized professional business is a required professional service for the real estate industry across the United States and Canada. Clients that are in need of home inspections have extended beyond the homeowner considering selling their property, who have been the home inspection industry core customers, to real estate agents, home lending firms and financial institutions. Owning your own professional home inspection franchise may be the lucrative business for you to invest in today.

Home inspections are a normal part of the home selling process so that the trained and certified home inspector visually examines and reports about the condition of the house. The limited scope of the home inspection often includes the professional observing the heating and air-conditioning systems, electrical, plumbing, and overall condition of the house structure from the rooftop to the foundation of the home and every room in between and to report on those findings to the client who is interested in the house. A skilled professional will inspect the primary systems of a home to assist a buyer or client in making an informed decision about the quality standards of the house. The level of quality information provided through a home inspection business is a worthwhile investment for many clients who are considering purchasing a home.

From the viewpoint of the homeowner, a professional service fills in any gaps of information that may be lacking during a potential buyer's initial interest of the home. Although the home inspection is general in nature and not exhaustive in its reporting on all aspects of the home such as any zoning code violations, the home inspection does follow a set of national standards so that many clients are satisfied with the findings in the final report. Sometimes a home inspection requires more than one visit to the property of the client. The homebuyers and sellers usually negotiate over the initial home inspection reports and normally request a final walk-thru from the same home inspection business so that any mutually agreed repairs or improvements are completed by the interested parties.

Many home inspection franchise businesses go above and beyond the established professional industry standards, making those qualified inspectors the reliable home inspection business experts. In addition to the excellence in service, clients choose the thorough home inspection businesses that provide additional services such as inspecting the working condition of the sprinkler systems or checking all home appliances are properly functioning for the client.

Other benefits of home inspection companies are for real estate agents. When a home inspection franchise business provides thorough information about condition of the house, it indicates for the realtor other selling points to include about the property for prospective buyers. In residential neighborhoods, homes inspections may increase the price of the home value based on the home inspection report of a newly replaced roof or the upgrade of HVAC systems in the home. Although a home inspection is not a real estate appraiser, a professional home inspection does provide the most current information of the condition of the home.

Besides offering home inspections under normal conditions, there are home inspection services that are needed during housing foreclosures. After foreclosures are finalized, homes may be placed in auction by the mortgage company or financial lender for a quick sale. Financial institutions seek out known professional services of a recognized brand which is found through a home inspection franchise. The real estate industry standard of home inspections has the potential income for you to have a successful home inspection franchise. As home inspection services are part of the required process of real estate transactions across the U.S. and Canada, we can connect your business interests and expertise with a lucrative home inspection franchise company that is right for you.

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