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Everybody with a home, be it a house, apartment, condo, townhouse, or other dwelling needs furniture. And this makes a furniture and/or decor franchise an incredible earning opportunity for any enterprising entrepreneur. How incredible? Let's see...

The growth in the US furniture market is staggering! According to United States Census Bureau statistics, furniture sales had a low point in 2009 of $3,500,000,000 to a peak in 2012 of $4,700,000,000. This means furniture sales have increased about 25% in just these few years. The economy is bouncing back and now is an ideal time to own a business that provides those things people have been putting off - like buying new furniture.

Of course, it's not just about furniture. It's also about "furnishings" and decor. What's the difference between "furniture" and "furnishings"? It's kind of like the old saying "Red is always a color; but a color is not always red." You see, furniture typically consists of items used for work, comfort or relaxation (chairs, beds, desks, etc.) while furnishings include all of this in addition to things like carpets, drapes, artwork and more. This is the difference in general but trust me when I say more than one legal battle has been fought over the exact difference.

How does furniture or furnishings relate to decor? It's mostly a matter of taste... A chair might just be a piece of furniture to some people, but to others it is part of a whole ensemble that has to work with the other furnishings (carpet, drapes, etc). When you put them all together, you get the overall decor.

If you enjoy decorating, this might be another business consideration. Many furniture stores offer home decor specialists on site. And good taste does not have to be qualified with a professional interior design or decoration background. The most successful furniture stores are those who employ salespeople who simply want to genuinely help the customer find what they want.

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