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Would you like to start a business?
Let us help! FranInfo has been helping entrepreneurs find the best business opportunities since 1987. Find out which business franchise is best for you! We will match you to the right franchise opportunity for your goals and lifestyle.

Many people are surprised to learn that Fran Info provides totally free, no obligation expert consulting services to anyone that may be interested in owning a franchise. Of course, the big question is "How can you give away such valuable services for free?"

That's actually a very good question and one with a great answer. To compare it to something you might already be familiar with, you can think of Fran info as a travel agency in the franchise world. Where a travel agency helps get you the very best available deals and takes care of all details; this is just what we do for entrepreneurs interested in entering the world of franchise.

While they are totally free to you, our franchise consulting services are quite valuable and funded by the franchisors within the industry. But no worries. This does not mean we would ever try to stick you with an opportunity that is not the best one for you and your needs and goals. We do not get special deals and incentives for persuading someone to sign on with a particular franchisor. It does not work that way. We have a great number of franchisors that work with us. And each and every one understands that we must always work in YOUR best interest to keep our services valuable.

Speaking of your best interest, even if you decide that investing in a franchise is not right for you after all, it's perfectly fine. While many people who learn the many benefits of franchising decide to work with one - not everybody does. That is expected. The valuable business consulting services w provide are still free and you can put the information gained to work for you in other ways whether it is working with another franchise opportunity or staring your own business from scratch. Our free franchise consulting just provides more options.

So, if you would like to become your own boss, in a franchise opportunity of your very own, please complete the form on this page. One of our expert franchise consultants will be in touch with you shortly to start you on teh path to franchise business success.