Vending and Distribution/Distributorship Franchises

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Many people look at vending as the old stand-by franchise opportunity. I can tell you, it's anything but! Sure, you know there are a lot of vending service trucks out there restocking millions of machines, but did you know that vending is a $30,000,000,000.00 per year industry? That's thirty BILLION. That's a lot of snacks and soda! And guess who collects all of those coins and bills? Yes - the franchise owners.

Of course, there would be no vending if not for distributorships. These are the folks that get the product from the manufacturers to the vendors - or to other merchants. And there are some very profitable franchising opportunities here as well as in vending.

As for vending, it's not just about snacks and soda. Although that accounts for the majority of the seven million vending machines in the US, there are plenty of other options. A more recent a trend has been in healthy snacking and nutritious meal vending. And while the modern vending machine got its start in Victorian England, dispensing post cards, the first in recorded history dates back to 215 BC. Seriously!

The mathematician Hero, who lived in Alexandria, described a vending machine in Egypt that dispensed holy water. Point here being; vending machines - in one form or another - have been around a very long time and are only getting more popular and more technologically advanced with time.

So just how popular? Well, according to NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Association) "100 million Americans will use one of 7 million vending machines each day." Consider that market potential for a moment. Now consider that potential profit. Owning your own vending franchise can get you a nice slice of that pie - in the form of an FDA approved individually wrapped dispensable snack.

So how can you cash in on the vending or distribution/distributorship franchise markets? It's easier than you think. Just complete the quick form on this page and one of our expert franchise consultants will be in touch with you soon to provide totally free franchise consulting. And "free" really does mean free. There is no cost and no obligation, no matter how much we help you. You see, at our consultants are paid much like the model used in the travel industry with travel agents. You never pay for their services,. The industry picks up the tab because having the convenience and advantage of expert guidance in the franchising process makes the transactions much smoother and more profitable for both franchisors and potential franchisees.