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Ready for an outstanding revenue-generating franchise? With over 250,272,812 passenger vehicles registered in the U.S. and an additional 26 million registered in Canada, the potential number of clientele is enormous for a successful car wash franchise.

The exteriors of passenger cars take a beating every day. Picking up the dirt, grime, gravel, mud, oil and more, as well as enduring the punishing elements of snow, rain, and bright sunshine mixed in with occasional droppings from fowls or sap from trees, cars need to be washed. For the driver, the spotted mess is more than a mindful distraction that may possibly impedes vision. It also can damage the paint job on the vehicle; which autos are a considerable investment for consumers. The must-have car wash service is regularly needed, which means that buying a car wash franchise may provide a solid revenue stream for you today.

Finding a conveniently located car wash is as important as the quality results from washing the exterior and interior of the car. For some car owners, a full-service car wash adds the human touch and attention to detail that is not always found in other car wash services. For other car owners, the tunnel car wash provides the convenience of service with either no-touch or brush systems removing the grime from the exterior of the vehicle. And there are other drivers who prefer the do-it-yourself self-service car wash to remove trash, and vacuum the interior, as well as scrub the exterior of their vehicle. All three types of service have varying levels of investment for the car wash franchise opportunity, providing a prime opportunity for increasing potential revenue for you the entrepreneur.

Although the traditional model of the car wash remains considerably the same, there are new water-saving technologies. These changes in the car wash industry are not only friendly for the environment, but provide cost-savings for car wash business owners. The green technology has increased the interest of consumers who may have otherwise perceived a car wash as a water waste. With the new technology, car owners can conserve water by purchasing services from a car wash businesses that offer the innovative equipment.

The new technology developments have also provided a new safety feature in creating a rain repellant for the vehicle windows. When the repellant is purchased as an add-on for a premium car wash, the customer notices its safety benefits during significant rainfall. The water beads on the windshield and improves the driver's vision during tough weather conditions. The up-sell for the water repellant, as with other add-ons during service, potentially increases the bottom line for any car wash franchise company.

Since there are additional services being offered among the car wash industry that improve more than just the appearances of vehicles, the public is aware that car washes are more than just water, suds, and a shine service. The advancements in water conservation and safety, which are continually being enhanced, means that car washes will continue to be a useful service for the millions of passenger vehicle owners.

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